Apple Has Increased The Prices of its Streaming Apps.

Apple Has Increased The Prices of its Streaming Apps.

Apple Has Increased The Prices of its Streaming Apps: Apple company has decided to increase the charges on subscription apps like apple music Music and appletv+, as well as apple One bundle. If you subscribe to any of them, you will have to pay one dollar or two dollars more for what you are paying.

9to5mac made this decision on October 24, 2022. These subscription charges are currently only applicable to subscribers or users in the United States and Canada. There is a possibility of an increase in different countries in coming years.

 An Apple spokesperson said that the main reason behind the increase in apple subscription charges is the increased licensing costs.

Following are the main points of the Apple Music and Appletv+ Subscription.

  1. Apple has increased the prices of its streaming apps.
  2. Apple has increased the subscription prices of Appletv+, apple music, and other carts.
  3. After the price hikes, subscription prices for apple music increased to $10.99 per month, and apple+ increased to $6.99 per month.
  4. These rates are set because Apple is forced to spend more on platforms to produce more content.
  5. Companies other than Apple have also announced hikes in their subscription prices.
  6. As part of that, the Walt Disney Company has also announced that Hulu, ESPN, and Disney+ will be raising prices.
  7. There is a possibility of a decrease in subscription membership due to the increase in prices.
  8. Chances of declining membership because of buying a subscription for the same services at a higher price.

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