7 Most Dangerous Wild Dogs You Won't Believe Exist.

By: ambar.k

African wild dogs are the only social canids in Africa. They hunt in packs of up to 30 dogs, and their prey is usually antelope.

1 The African Wild Dog

Grey wolves are one of the world's largest and most powerful wild dogs. They usually live in Canada, Russia, and Alaska.

2 The Grey Wolf

Coyotes are wild dogs that can be found in North America and Asia. They're known for their cunning, scavenging, and hunting skills.

3 The Coyote

The dingo is a domesticated animal. Although they are not considered dangerous, they do have a reputation for being quite aggressive and territorial.

4 The Dingo

The Sri Lankan Yala Dog is a wild dog found in the forests of Sri Lanka, where it hunts and scavenges for food.

5 Sri Lankan Yala Dog

The Indochina dingo is a wild dog native to Southeast Asia. It is one of the smallest wild dog species in the world, weighing less than 20 pounds at the full-grown size.

6 Indochina Dingo

The Hierran Wolfdog is a crossbreed between the African Hunting Dog and the Grey Wolf.

7 Herran Wolfdog

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