Audi uses VR technology in its car, and Holoride launched today.

By: ambar.k

Now the Audi vehicle allows you to experience virtual reality in the passenger seat.

Audi offers you the Holoride pioneer pack for less than seven hundred dollars.

In this, you get an 8bitdo pro 2 gamepad and a one-year Holoride platform subscription. HTC Vive flow headset is also available.

This facility will  avalable for customers who buy cars from the Audi company in 2023.

The Audi Holoride concept is getting ready to make it compatible with other cars.

Currently, the pioneer pack Holoride is selling only in Germany. However, it is also likely to be released in the US by next year.

After using the subscription for one year, you will have to spend 20 dollars per month if you want to take the subscription again.

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