Check out This Major Feators of IOS 16.2 Expected to Launch in December.

By: ambar.k

iOS 16.2 and ipadOS16.2 are getting ready to release some significant new features in mid-December.

iOS 16.2 has a Sleep widget for the Lock Screen feature that helps you track the time you spend in your bed.

The sleep widget for the lock screen also shows the sleep quality on display.

In IOS16.2, a new application called freeform has been added to it. The Details regarding this feature were announced at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC).

In the Freeform application, you can communicate with your friends and colleagues through videos, text, pictures, and so on.

As iOS 16.2 is still in the beta stage, It is expected that some more features will be added before its release in mid-December.

Live activities integration is added to some sports games. Due to this, you can know the real-time activities of the games even on the lock screen.

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