Indie horror game "the store is closed" IKEA wants to make changes or shutdown the game.

By: ambar.k

Indie horror has prepared its game "the store is closed" for PC.

Indi Horror's owner said to Ikea that we are not using IKEA's name and associated marks in this game.

Ikea's lawyers say that the owner of Indie Horror infringes on the name and trademark of Ikea in the game.

Jacob Shaw is the developer of the Indie horror game. "The store is closed".

"The store is closed" Indie horror owner Jacob Shaw said they plan to release the game by 2024.

Many people have been waiting for two years to play “The Store is Closed'' game.

If there are any changes to the game, it is expected that the game developer will make the changes as there is still some more time to release.

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